Raphael Widmer
Recently I went with some companions to Zürich to the Urania observatory. There they have a telescope with a diameter of 30 cm. It is very fascinating to have an observatory on such a place in the middle of a city like Zürich with lights everywhere. I prayed the stars wouldn't refuse to shine this day as I never had the chance to use such a telescope. One might feel really small while watching the stars. So much space above us, but also plenty of room to fill with our ideas and dreams. I like to think that what is science fiction now, may one day be possible. That day, we will not see the moon in the night sky, but smile at the earth.

That evening myself and more than thirty faces found themselves at the top of this observatory situated near the main station. A guy from the ETH that studies astronomy had a presentation about the development of stars, he was showing pictures from the eagle nebula made by the Hubble telescope, as we all lined up for the telescope he also showed the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram. ->
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