Raphael Widmer
Then I was finally there to take a look, first everything was dark but suddenly in a glimpse I saw it clearly, these rings I saw, these rings can only belong to a planet that we all name Saturn. So far away that no spaceship can bring me there, but still so close in this very moment, as if I could touch it with my bare hands. No doubt, I took my time to enjoy this view. I had to stop myself and let the others take a look, but I still had the image in my mind. That was really impressive.

At the end of the presentation the audience could ask questions. The guy had no hassle answering them until someone in the audience would ask the unthinkable question: 'how can it be that the universe is infinite but there is a finite number of stars in it?' I was holding my breath and the universe stood still for a blink of a second upon this question of which itself holds the solution. The guy argued reasonably and said that the energy in the universe is finite and therefore the amount of mass is finite too, but the questioner was not happy with the answer and continued to argue with the guy until another person from the observatory would say 'we think it is like this… but don't believe everything we say!'. This were the words the questioner was waiting for 'I don't do so, I think there is an infinite amount of stars out there!'
Pieces. Pieces of Raphael Widmer