Raphael Widmer
When the engines started and we were accelerating I was a little bit nervous when my copilot said "v1", this means we are too fast to stop the take off procedure. If we would brake now we would stop after the airfield. Not something I find appealing for my first flight. Shortly after that he said "rotate" which means we are fast enough to take off. So I pull down the control yoke and off we go. Pretty handsome experience to know that we just left the virtual Zürich airport. My copilot then programmed the altitude to 4000 m, this means that the navigation system would guide us on the cockpit display to that height. All I had to do was to pull the control yoke down in a way to keep a yellow dot below a horizontal line on the display. So all I had to do was to keep my focus on that display. When I was a bit above 4000 m an annoying woman voice was yelling "altitude, altitude" until I was again in a threshold around 4000 m. Then my copilot was programming a way so we could land in Zürich again. Again, my focus was on the display, I started to feel like playing a simple videogame, the goal was just to keep a yellow dot in the center of a horizontal and a vertical line that would move according to my flight maneuver. From time to time my copilot lend me a hand when I had problems keeping on track. When we were landing I was releasing my eyes from the display and concentrating on the airfield. A little later I made it, the bird has landed. ->
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