Raphael Widmer
Quite a long time ago I was nine years old and in 3. grade primary school. One day Alain, a mate of mine came to myself and my best schoolmate Andreas. He hold a piece of blotting paper in his hands which he found under his school table. He was very nervous and I was shocked when I read the only sentence on the paper, the sentence basically said that Alain is an asshole. Oh my gosh! This was a very rude insult at our age! We had no idea which of our classmates could possibly have written this insult and no clue, except the paper with a sentence and a few numbers written on it.

When I was at home I just couldn't forget what happened. Why would someone write such a thing? Alain was the best male pupil in 3. grade, maybe another person was jealous? I liked to be with Alain as we often played cards together in the breaks and I also invited him to my birthdays. Even though he did very well in school I always felt that he's in a likeable way totally helpless when it comes to solve real world problems. While thinking about the evidence a detail caught my attention. I remembered that the number 4 was kind of written strange, on the top it was open. This was something I was not used to, the next day the first thing I did was ask Andreas to write a 4. He wrote the number as I would. So we tagged in the break for our plan to let all of our classmates write a four on a piece of paper. ->
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