Raphael Widmer
Pretty much the first person we asked to write the four was L, she was new in our class and it was word on the street that she changed class because some of her female classmates gave her a hard time. To our surprise she wrote the four as on the piece of evidence. We knew that if the others would also write the four like that, we could forget about our idea. As we went on to ask other classmates to write down a four for us, they became curious and wanted to know why they had to do so. So we explained them what happened and found that they shared our enthusiasm and many decided to help us and came along while we continued to investigate.

At the end we had everyone asked to write a four and our group of two had grown to three quarter of our class, which means we were about 20 people back then. When I checked the paper there was only one person that wrote the four different than the others… L. So we decided to confront her with the result of the survey. There was not much to say for her, except to admit that she did it. She definitively had the means to do it, as she was sitting next to Alain. I will never know why she did it, while others in the group kept questioning her I left the scene. I was happy that we solved the case but I honestly felt a bit sorry for her, as now everyone knew the truth. The inconvenient truth. Home
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